Here We Go Last Department..Ophthalmology!


After struggling about 2 years in a clinical stage of clerkship  life, finally here I am last department, Ophthalmology ! By this blog I’ll share 4 amazing weeks in this department.  Just like other departement, Ophthalmology  Dept  also has its own story that would be fun to share. A general comment from me for this department that Ophtalmology is : 1. The most tidy department (I’ll show you  what I mean) 2. The most amazing operation 3. Super mobile department 4.A plenty of discussions


this is how tidy ophthalmology coass is. we must buttoning our coats ._.


must bring and use item : penlight, pen, name tag, and ophthalmology badge


Just like other department Ophthalmology coass has their own routinity. Every morning we have to working in a policlinic (different ophthalmology subdivision every week), lots of discussion(every week we must discuss 3 cases with ophthalmology resident and 1 case with ophthalmologist)  and also every coass got their shift which it’s divide in to 2 shift day and night shift. Sounds so much to do with a less time right. But I’ll take it easy, cause this is the last one.So turn on super spirit to max level, yeah!

First week,I work in Wahidin Sudirohusodo Main Hospital, what I had done is learning about how to measure a visus. For theory, we had learned in a pre-clinical stage and also practice it, but this is the real measurement with real patient ._. okay,lets do it dude..And it’s become interesting after you used to did it. Visus measurement looks like simple examination. But it’s the main point for this department. So we must do it correctly. Beside done a visus examination, ophthalmolgy coass in a first week also working in a external eye disease and eye infection subdivision. In that departement I could learn that red eye has so much variation and absolutely it would be become different diagnosis. Keep calm and lets learning!


“umm..can you read it clearly mam” –> acting


policlinic in the morning, consists of some rooms of some subdivision

At the second week, I move to other place called public eye center. In this place most patient is cataract, pterygium, and glaucoma. So, it wasn’t a surprise if I saw a patient queue for catarract operation reach 20 operation for 1 ophthalmologist in a day! And.. another amazing thing is when I saw the ophthalmologist done cataract operation only 15 minutes each patient using phaecoemulsification tehcnique (whoaaa~), He is awesome!!! Beside join operation, in that place we also working in a policlinic just like in previous hospital, we examine the difference of high ocular  pressure in glaucoma patient, making a prescription of eye drugs and glasses prescription. Nice things…


first cataract operation

Here we go third weeks. A hectic week! Cause in this week every coass must presentate their case in front of ophthalmologist, ophthalmology resident, and coass. A case that we presentate is a case from the patient that we had done an history taking and examination, and also we must presentate the theory about the case, so learning harder dude..The hecticness wasn’t end yet, there was bed side teaching left, where 3rd week coass must presentate the patient who has  been hospitalized in ward, the history taking of patient, how the therapy, and recently condition of the patient..and of course opthalmologist will ask..ask..and ask about theory related to the patient diagnosis.. Then in a weekend  of third week we have to face, OSCE  (Objectively Structured Clinical Examination)! We must pass 5 stations of eye examination that will be become prerequirement for final exam with ophthalmologist next week..fiuuhh..what a hectic..hahaha..


here it is my case report: proliferative diabetic retinopathy


case report reading

Finally fourth week, a week of the real exam, in this week we were less working in policlinic but working in a operation room. So we could see how vitrectomy, ocular traumatic operation (evisceration), reconstruction of palpebra from patien with entropion, and trabeculectomy of glaucoma patient. And at the weekend, here we go last struggle exam with the ophthalmologist..But Thanks God I end it nicely.. Thanks for the 4 amazing weeks Ophthalmology Department.. Wish I can use what I got in this super department for peoples when I will have become a doctor soon! Ameen 🙂


anesthesiology & ophthalmology coass inside operating room,we both have our own badge


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